Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) page! Here you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

*** Please note: we are not set up to be a crisis resource at this time. If you are in a crisis situation and contact us, your email could too easily be lost in the incredible amount of correspondence we are getting at the moment. You are too valuable to lose; please immediately seek out Code Green’s ‘resources’ page which lists several hotlines some of which are specific to us, or to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, whose founder, Jeff Dill, has posted his mobile number and has already helped to counsel many providers in crisis. Please do not act without talking to someone! ***

Q: Your course sounds amazing! Where can I take it or can I schedule one for my agency?

A: Agencies or organizations can now place requests through our contact us page utilizing the drop-down box to specify that you are requesting to host a class and the dates that you would prefer. An official request on department or organization letterhead will be required to confirm the reservation.

Q: What is the cost of the course?

A: Please submit a “contact us” form for further.

Q: Do you do pre-conference workshops?

A: It is in the works!

Q: Is there any chance of an online version?

A: Yes, there is an excellent chance. We are working with a leading online EMS education provider to form first a hybrid course (day 1 in person; day 2 on line) and perhaps eventually an online version.

Q: Are there ways to defray the costs of the program for small departments?

A: Absolutely. We are working on a list which we will add here but some ideas are to utilize area grants for continuing education, or to join forces with other smaller departments in the area.

Q: Can I get a copy of your slide show/handouts/book for my agency?

A: The topics that ETLS™ covers can be difficult and must be handled with care. Additionally, the material is also copyrighted. Because of this we will only be able to provide our teaching materials to authorized instructors who have undergone our train-the-trainer program. The textbook is due out in 2018.

Q: Can I get C.E.’s for the course?

A: We will be able to offer 16 CE hours for the course.

Q: I would love to be an ETLS™ instructor… where can I sign up?

A: ETLS™ is in its final stages of development; the train-the-trainer courses are the next step. You can also find more information here. We keep a database of those who contact us via email or through the contact us page so that your information is recorded when the time comes.We will make an announcement when we’re ready to start running train-the-trainer courses and you can subscribe to updates via our main page.

Q: I wrote to you but I haven’t heard anything back!

A: I have already had an instance or two of my email responses not getting through, at least one of which was a Yahoo! email address. Code Green has reported a similar problem. I have been able to respond to every email that I get, so if you have not heard back from me, please e-mail me directly at There have also been a small handful of individuals who I suspect have simply mistyped their email address in the “contact us” form; my responses bounce back. Please double-check your submission prior to sending, and if you do not hear back from me, please contact me directly via the email address above.

Q: Can I get ETLS™ in other countries than the U.S.? 

A: Probably! For now, ETLS™ will only be offered in English, so we are only able to teach it to students who understand English. We hope to have it translated into other languages in the next several years, as well as begin the paperwork for bringing the class to other countries as there is interest.

Q: How do I subscribe to the updates?

A: There are two options. The ‘contact us’ page sends an email directly to the admins, who are keeping a list of those who are interested. Your best bet is to also click the ‘follow’ button, which will add you to the list that gets an email when we update this website.

Q: Who developed ETLS™?

A: You can read about our developer, Sarah, here.